Election Results as of November 15th

Thank you to all the voters, we did it!

The bottom 2 candidates (Alex Hadden and Write-In) are eliminated as having no mathematical possibility of achieving a majority. On those ballots where voters indicated a second choice for a candidate still in the contest, the second choices were counted for the second-choice candidate selected by the voter.

Randy Gibson……………725
Mimi Diez………………….621

Endorsements & Questionnaires:

Community Vision Takoma (CVT) 

“After considering questionnaire responses, experience, and previous involvement in the life of the City, we believe Randy is the candidate who best aligns with the CVT mission of public land for public good.”

– David Blockstein

“For WARD 3 Council representative I am happy to vote for my friend and neighbor Randy Gibson as my first choice and Alex Hadden as my second choice. Randy is an exemplary human being. He is modest and unassuming, has devoted his entire personal and professional life to community service, and is a great listener and consensus builder. When Randy commuted to his various jobs in downtown DC with the Salvation Army World Service Office, International Voluntary Services, AARP, and most recently, the Rural Development and Farm Service Agency of USDA, he always carried a metal lunch box to honor and remind himself of his father who was a blue-collar worker” – David Blockstein

Climate Action Coffee

Diane Curran and Ferd Hoefner

“If you live in Ward 3, we hope you will support Randy Gibson for City Council representative. Randy is already a great public servant, who has put in many hours of service for environmental conservation in our community. And Randy has long been a strong supporter of the TPSS Co-op. Like Jarrett, Randy is concerned that our City staff has continued to grow over the past decade, while our population has remained essentially the same. We agree with his proposal for project-based budgeting as a means to rein in costs and maintain the affordability of our very diverse and vibrant City. If Randy is elected, we believe he will bring strong values and skills to the role of Ward 3 representative to the City Council.”

My entire career has been devoted to public service, in many forms. I began as a Peace Corps Volunteer, in Iran. I went on to various social/economic justice workplaces including a pioneering Fairtrade organization (SERRV), Illinois-based Community & Economic Development Foundation (CEDF), Salvation Army World Service Office, International Voluntary Services, AARP, and most recently, Rural Development and Farm Service Agency of USDA.

I am now retired, and can devote myself full-time to our city, if elected.

Local Activism
My wife (Julia Jarvis) and I moved into our home on Gude Ave., Takoma Park in 1992 and raised our twin daughters (Jeanne and Lauren) here. They attended our local public schools starting with Takoma Park Elementary and culminating at Blair High School. My active engagement in Takoma Park affairs includes early work with the Takoma Main Street program and the Piney Branch PTA. For two decades I have played an active role in the Interfaith Families Project (IFFP) which was begun in Takoma Park. For the past three years, I have volunteered with Climate Action Coffee, an environmental education and advocacy group (part of Takoma Park Mobilization). My focus has been ecosystem restoration, native plants and storm water issues.

Favorite Things
I have a dog named Phoebe; have hiked nearly 1400 miles of the Appalachian Trail over several years; and am a passionate kayaker and gardener.

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