January 1, 2023

Greetings Neighbors: Best wishes for the New Year. As the new  Council Member for Ward 3, I’d like to share a brief overview of some of my aspirations which I want to focus on in my new role. 

My overall goal is to represent our Ward in a way that helps the City govern justly and effectively. 

Specific objectives include::

1) Protect/restore our environment and reduce our carbon footprint. In particular, more can be done by the City and residents to address stormwater and ecosystem challenges. 

2) Find a path(s) to fiscal sustainability that allows residents to remain in the City, attract a diversity of new residents and provide quality services and programs. Strategies include: 1) Living within our collective means, 2)  tackling the budget in a transparent way, 3) Identifying new revenue sources.

3) Protect and enhance our business environment. In concert with our environmental and budgetary priorities, responsible development and creative business opportunities must be encouraged.

4) Actively promote an enhanced role for a broad swath of residents and civic organizations as partners with the City in ways that advance our priorities. Our challenges require an “all hands on deck” approach.

I will attempt to send out fairly regular updates about the issues faced by the Council. I will also respond to individual or neighborhood concerns especially    If you are not sure who to contact or you are not getting timely and constructive responses.  Please contact me at my city email address:


I look forward to working with and for you and welcome your individual feedback.