April 13, 2023

Neighbors: Below please find: I. Highlights April 10 Council Meeting, II.Property Tax Credit information, and III. Short Video of March 26 Ward 3 Budget Meeting. 

I. Highlights April 10 Council Meeting

1. Montgomery College Facilities Master Plan Briefing (Dr. Brad Stewart)

– Dr. Stewart gave overview of the 2023-’33 Master Plan required by the County. Stages in roll-out of the plan include All Campus Kick-off May 2, Campus-Specific starting May 4 for Takoma Park-Silver Spring campus, and information provided through email, on web and in campus walks.

– Programs include nursing, early college programs, and fine arts.

– Student population now 5500, reduced from pre-Covid days.

2. Minor-Master Plan Preliminary Recommendations (Melissa Williams and others)

– See Slide Presentation: https://documents.takomaparkmd.gov/government/city-council/agendas/2023/20230410-TPMMA-Preliminary-Recommendations-Presentation.pdf

– Council raised several questions concerning: 1) Bike plan, 2) down-Zoning, 3) recreation opportunities, 4) plans for Piney Branch ES and enrollment trends, 5) relationship to other plans in Takoma Park, 6) explanation of FAR vs Zoning codes (CRN, CRT), 7) density in different districts, 8) status of climate assessment, 8) Food forest, 9) request to explore with University use of “hospital hill”, 10) height limits and rationale,  and 11) historic designations.

– I asked about stormwater mitigation esp. in light of Metro development plans and MMP plan to restore Brashear’s Run (an underground stream/culvert running below Maple Ave). Their responses: several regulations are in place for new or renovated properties to mitigate stormwater created by the development and to retain minimum percentage of permeable surface; Metro development plans have not been considered; and the extent of restoration work on Brashear’s Run is limited to the outfall at Sligo Creek.

II.  Property Tax Credit information

Updated Property tax credit information sheet is now included on city website at: 

https://takomaparkmd.gov/public-notices/property-tax-credits-are-you-eligible/ Please share this information with your neighbors.  Note, the Homestead Tax Credit application is due by May 1.

III. Short Video of March 26 Ward 3 Budget Meeting

On March 26, approximately 20 residents joined me at Spring Park to discuss the upcoming budget. Nine minutes of excerpts of this meeting were captured by journalist extraordinaire Eric Bond and can be seen at link below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1jcyrgrj6azjtaw/Ward%203%20budget%20edit.mp4?dl=0

Note: The formal presentation of the proposed FY24 Budget took place Wed. Ap.12. It will be posted on the City Website under the Council Agenda Ap. 12. I will provide Council notes and link to the presentation on my weekly Ward Update Ap. 16.