Position Statements

1. Climate Change and the Environment:

I am committed to taking practical actions and having measures of success that live up to our proclamations. Climate change and the loss of biodiversity is already being felt and seen in many ways, not least of which is our overwhelmed public stormwater system. Our parks, creeks, and public greenspaces are too often eroded and threatened by invasive plants. To address the myriad challenges, we must enlist both city staff and residents in creative ways that prioritize ecosystem services and reduce our carbon footprint. The solutions must be strategic, both short and long term, and reflect the reality of a shared public and private environment and watershed.

Read more about Randy’s views on the climate Here.

2. Civic Activism: 

Our fair city boasts many committed organizations and individuals, who offer the city a wealth of talent and sweat equity.  Many other folks just need to be asked and will offer their skills. As the City faces challenges economic, environmental, and social, it must consult and partner with residents to identify, consider and implement solutions. The City staff cannot do it alone. I am committed to a proactive engagement strategy with residents.

3. Governance and the Budget:

Our city’s population has been stable while our city staffing and budget have continued to grow. This does not seem sustainable. City Council and residents must collectively tackle hard decisions about our priorities and the size of and accessibility to government.  Transparency in how these decisions are made must also be a business norm. Project-based budgeting that helps us prioritize specific project expenditures not departments should be considered.

4. Community and Economic Development:

Growth and change are both necessary and healthy. They are served by a vibrant and unique business community comprised of mostly locally owned businesses. They are further served by a diverse mix of residential and commercial stock that helps make Takoma Park an attractive place to live and shop for people of various economic strata. Clear policies with targets must prioritize climate-responsible actions and affordable housing options. Together with leadership by the City Council, we must continue to encourage economic growth in tandem with a high quality of diverse community life. Among others, developments at the Junction, the hospital campus, and along lower New Hampshire Avenue, must find the right balance.  I am committed to finding common ground.

5. Transportation and Safety: 

Residents and visitors should find our city a safe place to come to and get around. For safety’s sake, as well as reducing our carbon footprint, this includes more and safer bike paths and connected trails.  Gaps in sidewalk connectivity and improved lighting should be targeted along with slowing and reducing vehicular travel.  Our residents know intimately where the issues and opportunities are that must be addressed by City Council and staff.

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